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И уплели его без соли и без лука (c)

Hi all!

I decided take an example from e-mir and sometime write on English. I learn it about 9 month (time for birth something))) and need more practics. Excuse me for mistakes. I suppose them will be a lot, because I don't use any translators (upd: oh, little bit was) and forget rules all time and I will thank you if you correct me.

Ok, let's start. I wanna told to you misterious but a real story. When I was young I liked Edgar Poe's stories. And I memorize the story about a sailor, who named Richard Parker.

His ship got in a storm and 4 persons saved on a boat. After some time Richard said something like:

- Hey, guys! I want to eat you and you want to eat me. We should draw lots for resolve the problem with food.
- Yeah! You're really smart guy!

They did it and Richard loose this game. Maybe he said than:

- Oops... Very well, very well! Friends, help yourself! I recomend my right leg, it should be perfect! John, why do you sad? Come on!

Then they bit him and maybe told to each other:

- Richard was a very good guy! He had a great heart and I will not forget his a perfect taste!

After 44 years the story repeated in the real life. Yaht "Mignonette" got in a storm and 4 man survived on a boat. Of course, among them was Richard Parker. I don't know, what happend exactly there. Maybe somebody read the Poe's story before and said:

- Gentelmens! I think it is the sign of the Lord! He sent us this guy as was predicted.
- Wait, wait! What do you mean? I didn't suggest draw lots! - said Richard.
- It is not important! You Richard Parker, you're here and this is enough!
- No! Then we will draw lots! Like in the story!
- Hey, guys, he doesn't belive in the Lord! Heretic! Jonh, put him in the fire! Will eat him!

But maybe in real he was ill and ready to die (I don't think it excuse them). Anyway, they didn't interrupt the tradition and got the best supper for the last week.

Unfourtunally I can't check the facts. The article in the wiki seems seriously, but maybe this is a big mistification, what do you think?
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